Mobile Project Time Tracking For Your Modern Workforce

The Al-enabled advanced mobile app ensures seamless time management.

Mobile Project Time Tracking For Your Modern Workforce

Manage your Project and Resources in Real-Time With Our Purpose-Built Mobile App

Mobile Time Tracking App

Mobile Time Tracking App


Employees can clock-in/out and manage breaks unsing Timeclock Attendance mobile app.

Real-time Updates

Supervisors and managers get real-time updates about timesheet submissions.

Request PTO

Resources can request for Timeoff/PTO and manager/supervisors can approve/reject.

Timeclock App Powered by GPS Technology

  • NextGen Mobile App is a way for employees to use their mobile phones to clock in and out.Using GPS technology, the geographical location that an employee has clocked in, enables supervisors or managers to track the activities of that employee.

  • Managers can define geofences to ensure employees can record time only when they are within geofences. The time tracking app comes with advanced features like GPS tracking and geofencing to accurately track an employee’s hours and locations.

Timeclock App Powered by GPS Technology
Easy Timesheet Approvals

Easy Timesheet Approvals


Necessary approval/rejection action can be performed directly from the push notification or the app.

Real-time updates

Supervisors and managers get real-time updates about timesheet submissions.

ical/Google Calendar integration

Easily integrate with Google calendar.

Absence Calendar

Employees can manage absences such as vacation,sick days, parental leave, business trips and more for improved HR planning and organization-wide transparency.

Features you Need for your Business in Time Tracking Mobile App

  • Track attendance and breaks.

  • Request holiday or any type of absence(PTO).

  • View hours worked including overtime.

  • Real-time updates of employee attendance to supervisors and managers.

  • Mileage and dollars tracking.

  • Geofencing and Geo Tracking capability.

  • Schedule sync with ical/Google calendar.

  • App available for free download on iTunes and Google Play.

Features you Need for your Business in Time Tracking Mobile App


No hidden charges. No customization fee. Just simple and affordable, prices that grow with your business.

Small Businesses

  • per user per month billed monthly
  • The minimum billing amount is USD 49.99 per month.
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  • Get a customized quote for enterprises with more than 500 employees or an annual contract on the software license fee.
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What's Included

Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling

Scheduling Tools with advanced features such as scheduling by job, department, and shift templates. Publish the schedule and get notified to employees within seconds.

Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Smart and intelligent approval workflow system with ease of creating and implementing multilevel approval hierarchy.

Cloud web access

Cloud Based

Cloud-based web interface which allows accessibility from any device with internet and contains features like timecard, employee self-service etc.

PTO/Leave Management

PTO/Leave Management

Automated PTO requests syncing and easy approval process with time-off balances and accruals management to eliminate manual data entry.

Attendance Rule

Attendance Rules

Automatic employee clock-in for salaried employees. Fulfill state minimum wage and compliance with advance attendance rules such as custom overtime, automatic lunch deduction, and punch rounding.

GPS-enabled Mobile App

GPS-enabled Mobile App

GPS enabled mobile applications to turn an ordinary smartphone or tablet into a full-featured employee attendance management and location tracking solution.



Out of Box customized reporting and smartly designed custom filtration options for comprehensive analysis and streamlined payroll processing with multiple export options.



Dedicated Support system with 24*7 availability to ensure minimum response time and in-person support for account setup and configurations.

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How to Get Started?

Getting started with NextGen Mobile Time Tracking Solution is a simple three-step process.

1 : Signup with NextGen Time tracking solution

2 : Sync / Add Employees and assign Mobile clock Access

3 : Download the app to access Mobile Clock using the following links     Play store  Apple Store

How to Create Geofencing?

Using geolocation and geofencing features managers can track employees' clock in a location in real-time and use their geolocation data for attendance management. Here are the steps to create geofencing

Create a working Site

Click the map where you would like the geofence to be located. And fill address in the location field.

Set the radius

Choose a color.

Click Save.

Note:- The geofenced work site should be assigned to employees and geofencing should be enabled for geofenced attendance tracking

Can I use the Mobile clock in offline mode?

NextGen mobile applications work in offline mode also. If the mobile signal is out of range, the application will keep data until a suitable signal is established and then synchronize that information as soon as possible to the cloud server.

Do I need to access the web interface to apply for Timeoffs?

Time off requests can be raised through mobile application whereas in the case of BambooHR integration the Time off requests can be pulled automatically eliminating the process of managing time offs on multiple platforms.

How to track employee attendance using the NextGen Mobile application?

Managers can track employees' attendance using the real-time attendance monitor feature making it easy to track time and manage employees' attendance.

Can I use BambooHR login credentials to log in?

NextGen time tracking offers a single sign-on option with BambooHR to access mobile applications and web interface.

Can I export employees' attendance data using the NextGen mobile application?

Employees' attendance can be easily exported through a web interface with an automated process in the case of BambooHR and QuickBooks Online. We do provide custom payroll integrations and custom reporting which makes NextGen a most viable solution when it comes to reporting and payroll processing.

How to manage employee schedules with NextGen?

The employee schedules can be easily managed using a comprehensive scheduling tool that offers shift schedules based on department groups and job codes that can be further integrated with a NextGen mobile application making it easy to communicate with the employees.