Automate Attendance Eliminate Timetheft

Automate Attendance Eliminate Timetheft

One Solution for every aspect of time tracking right from capturing time with flexible data collection options, scheduling shifts, tracking over-times, and Integrations with payroll partners.

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Cloud-based Scheduling and Attendance Management Solution

A comprehensive, state-of-the-art workforce management solution lets you plan, collect, analyze, and take immediate control of your employees' attendance and labor data—online and in real-time.

Biometric Attendance Management System

Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Attendance verification through Face and Fingerprint readers increases productivity and efficiency, making them a precious addition to the workplace.

We ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the person scanning in through biometric verification and prevent buddy punching.

Easy to integrate with payroll partners making business accounting easier.

RFID and HID Compatible devices for ease of punching.

The biometric fingerprint time clock costs just $ 499.00, and the face reader + fingerprint modal costs $ 599.00. Both models have an RFID card reader and two years of replacement warranty.

GPS Enabled Mobile App

Manage Your Projects and Resources In Real-Time With Our Purpose-Built Mobile App.

  • Track attendance and breaks

  • Request leave or any type of absence(PTO)

  • View working hours including overtime

  • Real-time updates of employee attendance to supervisors and managers.

  • Geofencing and Geo Tracking capability

  • Schedule sync with iCal/Google calendar

GPS Enabled Mobile App with Geofencing
Schedule Faster and Smarter

Schedule Faster and Smarter

Create your work schedule in minutes. Share it in one click. manage availability and time off in one place

  • Saves administrative time

  • Notifies users when scheduling anomalies occur

  • Manages shift changes and swaps(releasing soon)

  • Automatically creates daily attendance records for salaried employees

  • iCal/Google calendar integration

  • Easy schedule creation like you're editing a spreadsheet

  • Enhanced shift level configuration like job/work code based on shift, attendance tags

  • Track Over and Under Staffing

Payroll Integrations

  • Our automated systematic integrations help to connect and share data between our technology solution and your favourite HR, productivity, and financial tools.

  • Integrate your current payroll with our system for faster and more efficient workforce management.

  • We support API or automated/on-demand flat-files integrations to sync/transfer data with your workforce management software.

  • You can customize the data according to your needs including employees, pay codes, time-off/PTO, etc.

  • Default automated systematic integration with QuickBooks Online, BambooHR, and QuickBooks Desktop enterprise solutions.

  • Automated one click syncup of employee and payroll data.

Payroll Integrations

Flexible Cross Platforms Time Tracking Tools

Web clock/Kiosks

Web clock/Kiosks

Web and Kiosks-based time tracking with similar functionality as physical clocks, for convenient time logging easy to use Cloud-based clock that enables managers to keep track of employee hours and breaks and enhanced compatibility to work with any device for the clock in/out through a user id and password verification.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Mobile application equipped with GPS tracking and Geofencing for those who need to track their employees across different worksites. Geofencing Mobile application is power-packed with the extra features like view schedules, PTO requests, shift reminders and missed notifications in real-time.

Biometric Timeclock

Biometric Timeclock

Biometric time clocks support touchless facial recognition, RFID and HID badges, and fingerprint readers that are fully integrated with a cloud-based web interface for efficient and accurate time-tracking. Get real-time attendance and job code/workcode hours to minimize timesheet errors, employee time theft, and unauthorized overtime.

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What's Included

Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling

Scheduling advanced features such as scheduling by job, department, and shift templates. Publish the schedule and get notified to employees within seconds.

Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Smart and intelligent approval workflow system with ease of creating and implementing multilevel approval hierarchy.

Cloud web access

Cloud web access

Cloud-based web interface which allows accessibility from any device with internet and contains features like timecard, employee self-service etc.

PTO/Leave Management

PTO/Leave Management

Automated PTO requests syncing and easy approval process with time-off balances and accruals management to eliminate manual data entry.

Attendance Rule

Attendance Rule

Automatic employee clock-in for salaried employees. Fulfill state minimum wage and compliance with advance attendance rules such as custom overtime, automatic lunch deduction, and punch rounding.

GPS-enabled Mobile App

GPS-enabled Mobile App

GPS enabled mobile applications to turn an ordinary smartphone or tablet into a full-featured employee attendance management and location tracking solution.



Out of Box customized reporting and smartly designed custom filtration options for comprehensive analysis and streamlined payroll processing with multiple export options.



Dedicated Support system with 24*7 availability to ensure minimum response time and in-person support for account setup and configurations.

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