Biometric Time tracking and Attendance Management solution

Get a smart, economical, and safe solution to a common problem of Time theft.

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Fingerprint Time Clock

Fingerprint Time Clock

Increase Accuracy and Stop Time Theft

Cloud-enabled biometric fingerprint time clocks with POE, RFID, Bages, HID/Mifare reader

Ease of managing user data via USB flash drive option,

TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity with Wireless(Wi-Fi) connect capability compatible with 3G/4G/LTE networks

Large display with automatic daylight saving time(DLST) adjustments and automatic device memory management with custom options such as work-code support.

The time clock also works without internet connectivity in offline mode and syncs the attendance records back as soon as the clock connects with internet .

Face Reader Time Clock

Touchless Time Clock with large display

The Face Reader Time Clock helps your business feel secure by virtually eliminating employee time theft and improving accountability.

The best touch-less time clock solution for your highest security areas and applications.

The lowest false acceptance and rejection rates ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

Eliminates proxy attendance with an advanced touchless Face Recognition System and ensures authentically and verified time tracking.

Ease of recording attendance through 3 Verification modes (Face, Fingerprint, and Proximity cards ) in one clock.

Face Reader Time Clock

Web Time Clock

Web Time Clock

NextGen Workforce’s Web Time Clock is a virtual time clock specially designed for salaried employees, in-office staff, remote workers, managers, and supervisors that allow for punching in and out using a web browser on their desktop, mobile phone, or handheld devices such as a tablet. This module is included free for all our plans.

Time and Attendance Kiosk

Time and Attendance Kiosk

Clock in and out via Kiosk options in a common area or help to track your field staff. The site manager or supervisor can enable Time and Attendance Kiosk to run on any large-screen handheld device such as an Android or Apple tablet. Kiosk mode can enable on specific sites only, and employees can use a single device to punch in or out remotely.




these devices are meant for harsh environment and rough use and can easily handle thousands of employees clocking in and clocking out multiple times a day

Card and Fob

Card and Fob

Seamlessly integrate with various card and fob types, including MIFARE Classic, low-frequency (125 kHz) proximity cards, custom badge printing options for personalized employee identification.

Data Security

Data Security

24/7 health monitoring and emailnotification

user/superuser privilege controls on the time clocks

Anti-theft hardware and temper alarms/notifications



Two Year warranty on Hardware

24*7 Support System

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How can I get started with the NextGen Time Tracking solution?

You can simply signup with NextGen and get started by selecting the most convenient attendance data collection options as per your operational requirements from the following list.

Biometric Time Clocks

GPS-enabled Mobile application

Web clock / Kiosk

Do I need a technician or IT knowledge for installing Time clocks?

The clocks can be easily installed without a Technician or IT knowledge by using an installation guide. Link to PDF

Do the time clocks work at flexible temperatures?

The Timeclocks devices are robust and equipped with high-standard sensors to detect the prints and facial templates. Our sensors have been tested at all optimum temperature ranges. So you can be assured in this case

What would happen in case of an internet outage?

In case of an internet outage, the Time clock device can still perform employee identification and biometric validation locally and record the attendance. The software would automatically update the data collected offline as soon as the clock connects with the internet again.