A Unified Time Tracking Solution To Empower Workforce Management

Biometric Time tracking and Scheduling solution with BambooHR Integration.

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Biometric Time tracking and Scheduling solution with BambooHR Integration

Automate Workforce Management to Save Time and Money

Turnkey Solution with seamless API or automated/on-demand flat-files integrations to sync/transfer data with your workforce management software.


BambooHR streamlines the whole recruiting process and provides a comprehensive human resource management solution for the hiring, onboarding, and compensation process.

It also manages essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to maintain and analyze employee data and develop company culture by using integrated ATS and onboarding tools.

Take the pain out of Workforce Management

Take the pain out of Workforce Management

With an Automated Integration

NextGen workforce integration with BambooHR uses a two-way API that allows data to sync from to NextGen workforce to BambooHR as well and vice versa.

The syncing is an automated process that updates periodically.

The changes made on BambooHR will automatically sync within the NextGen workforce after a stipulated timeframe.

Seamless integration to roll out in just a few clicks

  • Signup using BambooHR login credentials to Authenticate BambooHR and NextGen solutions integration.

  • Sign In to NextGen using BambooHR credentials.

  • Sync Employee details with one click.

  • Configure attendance management rules.

  • Enroll employees Biometrics.

Seamless integration to roll out in just a few clicks

What data we Sync?

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solution
NextGen Workforce
  • Personal Information

    Personal Information

  • Pay rates

    Pay rates

  • Departments


  • Job Titles

    Job Titles

  • PTO Requests

    PTO Requests

  • Approved Hours

    Approved Hours

The benefits of integrating NextGen with BambooHR

The benefits of integrating NextGen with BambooHR

Simlified Employee Management and Time Tracking.

Ease of collecting attendance data through Biometric Validation and Mobile Application with GPS Tracking.

Basic to High level attendance rules and Time tracking logics for Effective attendance management.

Cloud-based solution with easy to configure dashboard settings and attendance rules for all operational requirements like Scheduling, Overtime calculation, Custom overtime, Lunch Deduction, Shift logic, etc.

One click Export of Approved hours through an automated process.


No hidden charges. No customization fee. Just simple and affordable, prices that grow with your business.

Small Businesses

  • per user per month billed monthly.
  • The minimum billing amount is USD 49.99 per month.
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  • Get a customized quote for enterprises with more than 500 employees or an annual contract on the software license fee.
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What's Included

Employee Scheduling

Scheduling Tools with advanced features such as scheduling by job, department, and shift templates. Publish the schedule and get notified to employees within seconds.

Approval Workflow

Smart and intelligent approval workflow system with ease of creating and implementing multilevel approval hierarchy.

Cloud Based

Cloud-based web interface which allows accessibility from any device with internet and contains features like timecard, employee self-service etc.

PTO/Leave Management

Automated PTO requests syncing and easy approval process with time-off balances and accruals management to eliminate manual data entry.

Attendance Rules

Automatic employee clock-in for salaried employees. Fulfill state minimum wage and compliance with advance attendance rules such as custom overtime, automatic lunch deduction, and punch rounding.

GPS-enabled Mobile App

GPS enabled mobile applications to turn an ordinary smartphone or tablet into a full-featured employee attendance management and location tracking solution.


Out of Box customized reporting and smartly designed custom filtration options for comprehensive analysis and streamlined payroll processing with multiple export options.


Dedicated Support system with 24*7 availability to ensure minimum response time and in-person support for account setup and configurations.

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How to get started?

Our Time tracking and BambooHR integration is flexible to fit your operational needs and can be implemented without requiring any custom development or IT setup with a Single Sign on option with BambooHR.

1 : Signup with NextGen using BambooHR credentials

2 : Sign In to NextGen and Sync employees from BambooHR

3 : Create attendance rules and Time tracking logics

4 : Enroll Employees Biometrics in case of Biometric Timeclocks

Note - The employees would automatically sync with Timeclocks through a cloud based web interface

What employee data will the NextGen workforce pull from BambooHR?

The following Employee data is synced from BambooHR to the NextGen workforce:

First Name

Last Name

Work Email

Mobile Phone

Employee Status


Is it possible to edit the Employee Data in the NextGen workforce?

The Employee data synced from BambooHR to the NextGen workforce would not be edited in NextGen as the automatic sync up process will override those changes to the original data from BambooHR.

What would happen if we hire or terminate employees in BambooHR?

The automated integration process with BambooHR makes it easy to add and remove employees from BambooHR and keep their data up-to-date. The employee's information can simply be maintained in BambooHR and automatically synced with NextGen to eliminate the double data entry between HR and the Time tracking system.

Do I need to Manually add the employee information in Biometric Timeclocks?

BambooHR integrates directly with NextGen to make your employee management and time tracking process simple and reliable. The Employee Information would automatically sync from BambooHR to Timeclock through a cloud-based web interface and the employees can start using

What kind of data is shared between BambooHR and NextGen workforce?

The seamless automated integration process helps in streamlining the Time tracking and Payroll processing by sharing the following data through a simple Unified API.

Employee Personal Information


Organizational Structure

Job Titles

Reporting Managers / Supervisors

Pay rates

Public Holidays

PTO Requests

Approved Hours


How to manage the employee permissions and access in the NextGen workforce?

NextGen integration with BambooHR focuses solely on HR data integration in which, the job title from BambooHR sync as a Login profile in the NextGen time tracking solution which can further be used to control and manage the permissions amd login access in the NextGen solution.

How to manage the Organisational Structure and Approval in NextGen ?

NextGen Time tracking solution simplifies the Approval process by syncing the complete organization structure from BambooHR which can further be used to create and assign approval workflow by using the existing organizational hierarchy, Alternatively, users can also create groups assign managers and supervisors and manage Approval workflow in NextGen solutions

Can we update Timesheet after exporting ?

Yes, The Approved Hours once exported to BambooHR can be edited and exported again through the NextGen solution.

How to manage Leaves , PTO and public holidays ?

All the PTO requests, Leaves, and public holidays would automatically sync from BambooHR to the NextGen solution making it easy to manage by eliminating the process of manually entering and managing leaves and holidays in multiple systems.