Top 5 Biometric Time Tracking Solutions With QuickBooks Integration

Biometric Time Tracking Solution for QuickBooks - NextGen

Employers can effectively track their employees’ work hours by using time and attendance software with QuickBooks integration. It can be used to track actual hours worked, absences, overtime, and leave balances while keeping you in compliance with labor laws.

 Online scheduling, GPS tracking options, and team chat are additional features that many time and attendance systems offer. At the same time, some providers may charge extra or require you to sign up for a premium plan to use these features.

 In this blog, we reviewed many options to determine the top time and attendance software for companies before settling on our top 5 suggestions:

 OnTheClock’s Time Clock

Tracking employee sign-ins using biometric data is the best approach to confirm that your staff is on-site no matter what industry you’re in.

With OnTheClock’s biometric fingerprint technology, you can eliminate unauthorized sign-ins and stop wondering if your employees are bending the rules.

This time clock allows your team to sign in from any device.

You can be sure that your employees are working when they are supposed to, thanks to security features like device authorization and sophisticated GPS controls.

OnTheClock’s time-tracking integration with QuickBooks offers precise payroll information. Employee time cards are exported into QuickBooks payroll system, making it simple for you to log time and access payroll.

Buddy Punch’s Time Clock

The time card app from Buddy Punch makes it easier to manage overtime, time off, and attendance tracking in real-time.

With GPS, image tracking, and camera images for each clock-in or clock-out, together with supervision on any modifications, you can keep track of your employees’ work locations.

Whenever one of your employees punches in or out, the webcam feature will automatically take their picture. Your time clock dashboard will reflect this so you can confirm who punched in.

With an internet connection, Chrome or Firefox users can use this capability to clock in. Even while facial recognition is an optional function, it offers a higher level of protection than fingerprint time clocks.

This time clock also easily integrates with QuickBooks.

NextGen Workforce 

NextGen Workforce is a complete attendance management solution compatible with biometric time clocks, GPS Geofencing enabled mobile apps and a cloud-based web interface that allows employees to clock in using their mobile phones or desktops, which minimizes the tedious manual data entry process. 

Seamless integration with Intuit QuickBooks Online and Enterprise/Desktop reduces payroll processing time. 

Easy to configure attendance rules like paid, unpaid break and overtime calculation, shift and scheduling, approval workflow, PTO, etc. Comprehensive reporting. GPS Tracking and Geofencing. Employee self portal to view timesheet.

Key benefits

  • Time Tracking: Comprehensive Time Tracking Solutions & flexible data collection options, like cloud-based Biometric devices compatible with RFID & HID cards, Facereaders, Web clocks, Kiosks, & Mobile applications with GPS tracking & Geofencing.
  • Mobile Application: GPS enabled Mobile time tracking for remote & field employees with real-time attendance monitoring, Cloud-based web interface Geofencing, Approvals, Scheduling, PTO requests, & a mobile time clock for easy clocking in and out.
  • Shift Scheduling: advanced features such as scheduling by job, department, & shift templates. Publish the schedule & get notified to employees within seconds.

uAttend’s Time Clock

The touchless time clock from uAttend employs facial recognition to track attendance. An optional temperature reader is also offered with the DR2500 for increased workplace security during Covid.

Using the DR2000 Touch-Free Facial Recognition and Voice Control, your business will have a completely touch-free solution, thanks to the integration of voice commands and cutting-edge facial recognition technology in the time clock.

Voice recognition supports both simple and complex time clock features. Your employees can use straightforward voice commands to punch in and out for breaks, lunches, shifts, department transfers, and job monitoring. Advanced facial recognition reduces the possibility of unwanted sign-ins while providing rapid and simple identification. Additionally, uAttend offers less expensive options for fingerprint scanners and card time clocks.

This software provides a supported integration with QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Findd’s Time Clock

Findd’s facial recognition time clock syncs with QuickBooks to track employees, jobs, hierarchy, etc.

Findd collects your employee punch data and instantly transfers that data to QuickBooks Software for processing without any extra steps needed from you.

Employees can use Findd’s mobile biometrics to punch in and out of work, submit leave, review their schedules, and allow administrators to prep for payroll.

The Findd mobile clock app functions as a standalone face recognition clock on Android and iOS once an integration between Findd and QuickBooks is built.

Punching using a Findd time clock is simple. As soon as the punch happens, it is immediately posted to the Findd time-servers and sent for processing to the QuickBooks time system.

Wrapping Up

The most effective time and attendance systems are those that are simple for both you and your staff to use. It should simplify the payroll process besides giving you access to internet tools for

precisely and securely tracking clock-ins and clock-outs. As a result, the software can figure out various wage rates, overtime, unpaid breaks, and deductions for absences.

Additionally, to enable easy transfers of time data for payment processing, the solution should integrate with online payroll providers and offer exportable time sheets.

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