5 Key Benefits of An Automated Timesheet Approval Process


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Intelligent automation in business operations is the need of the hour in the present business world. The old-fashioned employee time tracking and timesheet approval methods are too time-consuming and can waste productive time. Optimizing business processes by automating long, manual processes can enhance productivity and save time.

What is Timesheet Approval 

Timesheet approval is the process that allows employees, supervisors, and managers to review the Timesheets before payroll processing to ensure accuracy.  The manual Time sheet approval processes are tedious and relatively time-consuming. The HR departments and admins struggle to manage them as organizing and approving timesheets for dozens or even hundreds of employees at the same time can be a difficult task. The automation of the timesheet approval process can take the pain out of this and streamlines the payroll processing.

The Employees can approve their timesheets to review and verify all hours worked during the pay period. It is completely legal for an employer to modify an employee’s timesheet before approving it to guarantee accuracy. The employer can update the valid reasons for making adjustments to the timesheets during the approval process 

The most common reasons for modifying timesheets may include employees forgetting to punch in and out or if PTO was used or any discrepancies in total hours worked. The employer must ensure that any timesheet modifications made must be done to reflect a piece of precise information. 

It is mandatory in accordance with The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Department of Labor, That an employee must receive compensation for the time they worked and should possess a right to review and modify the timesheet if required before the payroll processing. Failure to follow this law can result in hefty penalties and fines for the employer. 

How to Automate the Timesheet Approval Process

Automation in the timesheet approval process can increase efficiency and reduce paper waste. The companies that fail to digitize the basic time tracking and approval process can fall into tedious manual and time-consuming operations and inaccurate payroll processing. Here are the few steps to create an automated timesheet approval process.

Select an automated electronic approval method or interface as per operational requirements

Create an approval workflow based on organizational structure 

Assign approvers 

Run the approval process and ensure the proper communication to each level of approver 

Review timesheets and verify hours are accurate, approved, and allocated to the correct job and cost code.

Create an audit trail for any modifications in timesheets

In order to protect against any last-minute edits, the solution must have timesheet locking. once approved, This gives you better control over your payroll data and ensures that nothing is altered.

Benefits of an Automated Timesheet Approval Process

The automated timesheet approval process eliminates the slow procedure of filling in timesheets and then sending them to a manager for approval which can be can be a stumbling block to productivity, especially when managers have to touch base with employees to correct errors. Here are some key benefits of an automated timesheet approval process. 

Accurate payrolls and preventing costly errors  

In a complete business process, even small savings in individual timesheets can multiply into large savings for the organization as a whole. The automated approval process can lead to efficient business operations as There’s no paperwork to wade through, no emails to scroll through, and no risk of losing relevant information.

Optimizing resources through a sense of accountability

Through an automated approval process employees can fill out their timesheets in a timely manner and focus more of their time on work that matters. The software makes it easier for the employee to review and approve the timesheet Instead of spending time in the manual process of filling in the worked hours details

Preventing overpaying

Reliable time tracking will retain records for each employee and how many hours they worked is helpful, but having a timecard approval process ensures the accuracy of hours worked before storing them. This will prevent your company from underpaying and owing back pay to employees.

Protection against legal issues and compliances

The software-based automated timesheet approval process helps businesses to keep records of employees’ attendance and payroll data and proper record-keeping will prevent penalties and fines that the government may enforce. The multiple-level approval workflow ensures total control and helps in staying compliant with the laws

Real-time time approval process to streamline payrolls 

The automated timesheet approval process ensures that completed timesheets are properly routed to the right timesheet approver at the right time, which consequently saves time and ensures timely and streamlined payroll processing.


The automated timesheet approval process is a good step for any business to take for future growth. Not only does it save money and offer a variety of benefits, but it also provides an excellent form of communication between employees, managers, and the payroll department. 

The modern time clock software technology has shifted most businesses to streamlined timesheet approvals instead of paper time cards. providing accurate timecard data and making the timecard approval process convenient and easy.

How to find the best solution to automate the timesheet approval process

If you’re looking for a solution to automate timesheet approvals, then get started with a NextGen Time tracking solution It gives you better control over the approval process with a comprehensive web interface. The automated approval process with multiple level approvers and fewer manual data entries means more time back in your day.

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