Case study: Custom Double Time Solution

Custom double time rule


In this case study, we delve into the success story of a Lyford cay The Bahamas based company with over 200 employees that implemented a custom double time rule to optimize employee engagement and productivity. By offering enhanced monetary benefits for employees working on specific days or fixed dates, this innovative approach aimed to promote a more flexible and motivated workforce.

Client Background

The client, a well-established company operating in the service industry in the  The Bahamas, faced challenges related to managing Double time and motivating employees to work during high-demand periods. They sought a tailored solution to address these issues, with the goal of boosting productivity and ensuring a fair compensation system for their dedicated workforce.

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  • Inflexible Double time Policy: The existing overtime policy did not adequately address the company’s varying operational demands on specific days or during seasonal peaks, resulting in a rigid compensation structure.
  • Manual Calculations: The client’s HR team had to manually calculate overtime and double time payments, which consumed significant time and occasionally led to inaccuracies.
  • Employee Motivation: The lack of differentiated incentives for working on critical days diminished employee motivation, potentially affecting the company’s ability to meet customer demands.

Solution: To overcome these challenges, the client collaborated with us  to develop a double time rule tailored to their unique requirements. The HR software team worked closely with the client’s HR department to understand their pain points and design a solution that aligned with the company’s goals.

Key Features of the Custom Double Time Rule Implementation:

Customized Double Time Criteria, Automated Payroll System and Transparent Communication to employees

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The implementation of the automated customized double time rule brought about transformative outcomes for the US-based company, positively impacting both employees and the organization as a whole:

  • Heightened Employee Morale: The personalized double time policy acted as a powerful motivator, inspiring employees to step up during critical days and contribute their best efforts, ultimately boosting overall morale and team spirit.
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  • Improved Operational Efficiency: By, the client saw improved operational efficiency and responsiveness to customer needs, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.
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  • Enhanced Employee Retention: The innovative double time rule, coupled with transparent communication, contributed to a higher employee retention rate. Employees felt valued and recognized for their dedication, leading to a stronger sense of loyalty toward the company.
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We firmly believe that custom requirements are the heart of successful solutions. By embracing the power of customization, we empower our clients to achieve their business objectives with precision and efficiency. Our dedication to understanding and adapting to individual needs is at the core of our success, and we look forward to continuing to deliver excellence through custom solutions that make a difference.