All you need to know about Employee GPS Time Tracking

All you need to know about Employee GPS Time Tracking

The smartphone revolution has opened the doors for organizations to streamline the business process with Employee GPS Time tracking. Mobile technology has given a cutting edge to business operations by maximizing visibility and accuracy of the workflow. The use of GPS-enabled mobile applications for location-based attendance tracking helps businesses to improve remote workforce performance and enhance operational efficiency.

What is GPS Time Tracking?

The Employee GPS time tracking is the process of location-based attendance management, wherein Employee GPS monitoring mobile application monitor employees’ activity, track time & location, especially in case of field services like sales and deliveries or for remote workforce working from multiple worksites. It also allows managers to monitor the attendance of each employee along with live location, time, and date. The automatically recorded attendance data through the mobile application can be accessed with ease by a cloud-based web interface for generating reports and payroll processing.

How Does Employee GPS Time Tracking Work?

The employee GPS  Time Tracking is yet another location tracking-based feature that uses a mobile clock to log time and offers real-time location-based attendance tracking through GPS signals. It uses GPS-enabled mobile application to stay connected with employees and also enables managers to create virtual job sites and restricts employees to clock in and clock out through geofencing. 

Why do you need Employee GPS Time Tracking?

Getting a clear sense of your time tracking needs to be based on your operational requirements will help you pick the right solution for your employees Otherwise there is a risk of paying for an app that is inconvenient and time-consuming for people to use. 

Before you start browsing the websites of different GPS Time Tracking solutions and comparing their features or prices, focused on your company’s operational needs. It’s absolutely critical to understand the need for a GPS time tracking solution. 

Here are some potential reasons which will help you to narrow down your search. The mobile application based GPS time tracking offers

Ease of collecting and managing attendance data for the remote workforce:- Most mobile time tracking solutions use a cloud-based web interface that automates the process of collecting and analyzing attendance data for a remote workforce consequently saving time for payroll processing. 

Real-time Attendance tracking:- The employee GPS Time tracking enables managers to keep an eye on their workforce to prevent wasting of productive time. The real-time attendance monitoring helps in reducing the Idle time and optimizing employees’ performance. 

Route history and asset management:- The route map tracking will give the employer all the information regarding the precise route taken by each individual employee and all the stoppages made. This data will help in effectively and safely planning the movement of assets and the deployment of resources.

Mileage Tracking:- The real-time location tracking for mobile and field employees helps managers to cost-effectively plan the movement of goods and avoid any unnecessary wastage of time and resources It also provides precise information about routes to optimize the mileage and productivity.

Leave Management and Approvals:- The built-in features of leaves and approvals in mobile applications ensures the availability of employees on the worksites and helps managers to plan and deploy, the right resource to the right work

Geofencing:- Geofencing reduces the probability of employees abruptly leaving their work area or wandering idly by restricting employees through a virtual boundary around worksites.

Scheduling:- A comprehensive mobile time tracking app can provide you with the attendance metrics like idle time and total hours worked that help managers in effectively making more detailed decisions like allocation of resources, planning the meetings for field employees, and scheduling the right employee to the right work to prevent overtimes.

What are the benefits of using Employee GPS Time Tracking Solutions?  

GPS Time tracking solutions allow managers to pinpoint employee location at all times, It also offers flexible and convenient data collection options to record employee attendance. The employee time tracking apps are user-friendly, streamlined tools that will help managers to improve the entire business operation and save time. It also offers a cloud-based web interface to bridge the gap between attendance management and payroll processing. Here are the key benefits of using Employee GPS Time Tracking Solutions.

Improved Productivity and Employees accountability 

Prevent time theft  or other unethical practices

Optimize Operating Expenses with real-time location tracking

Streamline attendance management and payroll processing by eliminating manual data entry

How to find out the right Employee GPS Time Tracking Solution?

The employee time tracking industry has become increasingly competitive in today’s market. Businesses are looking for a solution that can provide a comprehensive approach to employee time tracking and payroll processing with the advancement of mobile technology there are a lot of employee attendance management and time tracking apps available in the market but getting the right time tracking solution based on operational needs is critical. 

NextGen Time tracking solution offers an easy-to-use, GPS mobile-friendly app available for Android and iOS devices, which allows employees to use their smartphones or tablets to log attendance It streamlines the communication between employees and managers through a cloud-based web interface and also provides a comprehensive approach of managing a remote and mobile workforce. If you are looking for an employee GPS Time tracking solution then here are some of our product features that you can count on

Real-time attendance monitoring 

Inbuilt Scheduling Calendar 

Easy and Smart timesheet approvals

Geofencing and GPS tracking 

Fleet management and asset tracking 

Leave Management 

Cloud-based web interface

Custom payroll and HRMS integrations


There are so many benefits of Employee GPS Time tracking that can elevate business processes and, and significantly increase your productivity. It may not be the right choice for some companies, but if your business is dealing with remote workforce and field employees, it is time for you to invest in GPS technology to stay profitable and competitive and to help your company continue to grow.